Exploring Historic James Towne

Originally named both James Forte, James Towne and James Cittie, the settlement was f a wooden fort built in the shae of  a triangle around a central storehouse for not only weapons but also other supplies, and a church and a number of houses. By summer 1607,  Adimiral Newport sailed back to England with two different ships and 40 crewmembers aboard to give a report to the king and also to gather more supplies plus colonists. The settlers left behind suffered greatly from not only hunger and illness, but as well as the constant threat of an attack by members of the local Indian tribes, many of which were grouped into a native empire under the great Chief Powhatan.

An understanding was reached between Chief Powhatan and the famous John Smith that led the settlers to create a needed trade agreement with Powhatan’s tribe in early 1608. Some skirmishes still did brake out between the two different groups, the Native Indians traded their corn for white beads, tools and also other objects (including weapons) from some English, who would depend entirely on this trade forthe  sustenance in Jamestown colony’s first years. After John Smith returned to his home in England in late 1609, left behind inhabitants of Jamestown suffered hardship through a long, terriblewinter, which during more than 100 of them died. Later in the spring of 1610, just as remaining colonists decided to abandon Jamestown Virginia, two english ships arrived bearing 150 new settlers from england, and a torrent of supplies and the an English governor of the colony known as Lord De La Warr.

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