Growing industries in Virginia

There are a number of growing industries in Virginia in 2016. While the primary industries of Virginia have been ship building and ship building, agriculture, and tourism the military does a lot of business in the commonwealth as well. These have been the cornerstones of Virginia’s economy.

Agriculture is an area that VA has been known for. The tobbacco, peanut and cotton trades originated here in colonial days. More recently a new agricultural industry has sprouted up in the groing number of local wineries. Part of the agro-tourism trend that has become popular, Virginias wineries sport some of the best vintages on the east coast. Other agricultural endeavors also include cattle and horses. Northern Virginia and Richmond are well known for high end horse breeders.

A lesser known industry, which is also a powerhouse in the economy is Aerospace. Companies like Lockheed Martin have been integral to the area for many decades.

Another new industry to make ground in Virignia is nono-tech and biotechnology. Virginia is a high tech state with more individuals per capita employed by tech firms than any other state in the country. The software development and internet marketing arena have also played a major role in the development of Virginia business. In fact the top search engine optimization firm in Richmond is one of the best seo companies in the state of Virginia as a whole. Search marketing is a growing industry in the commonwealth, which several of the best internet marketing firms in the state beign hired nation wide for their services.

Of course the military also plays a major employment role in the state of Virginia. Besides the CIA and FBi which are located in Virginia, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard boasts one of the most robust ship building operations in the world.

Of course we can’t discount tourism. With sites like Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello and Jamestown settlement, Virginia is a history lovers dream come true. The number of live festivals and events constantly underway along the wine trail and at historical sites like appomatox courthouse. If you love History, you are living in the right part of the country.

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